Hadley-Roma Genuine Loricaå¨ (MS739)

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Blue Hadley-Roma Genuine Loricaå¨ (MS739)

This Watch band is made from LORICA®, a synthetic micro fiber. Both the strap exterior and lining utilize this environmentally-friendly, hypo-allergic material known for its durability and comfort. This vegan material is similar in look and texture to leather.

  • Waterproof LORICA® watch band
  • LORICA is environmentally-friendly, imitation leather
  • Watch strap of choice for vegans

This strap is Water Resistant.

The following strap sizes taper from lug to buckle (please keep this in mind if you plan on purchasing a replacement buckle): 24x20 / 22x20 / 20x18 / 18x18

Sizing Information for Hadley Roma Straps 

Short: 102x65 Millimeters
Regular: 115x77 Millimeters
Long: 127x80 Millimeters
Extra-Long: 135x95 Millimeters