A Step-By-Step Guide to Changing a Watch Buckle

Occasionally, an owner of a stainless-steel (silver) watch will purchase a watch band with a gold (yellow) buckle. Changing the buckle is relatively easy. It is attached using a spring bar, similar to the ones that connect the watch band to the watch case.

If this is all new to you, conceptualize the buckle change as a similar operation to changing a roll of toilet paper. The difference being that the buckle is a lot smaller and you need a small tool to compress the spring bar. If you do not have a spring bar tool, remember that others have used small screwdrivers, fingernail files, and other thin devices that can fit between the buckle and leather strap. Click Here, to view The Watch Prince's offering of spring bar tools that help make buckle changing easier! 

Below, you can find a youtube video that shows and explains the process of changing a watch buckle. Alternatively, underneath the video, there are step-by-step instructions with pictures of the buckle changing process. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to Contact Us



Step 1 – to replace the gold buckle with a silver buckle, you will want to use a spring bar tool or other thin device.


Step 2 – check to see if the spring bar ends are exposed on the side of the buckle. If so, use the pointed end to push or compress the spring bar end.

If there are no pinholes on side of buckle, turn strap over and use forked end to reach between buckle and leather.


Step 3 – compress spring bar from end by pushing down through pinhole

If there are no pinholes on side of buckle, compress spring bar by catching its shoulder with forked end of spring bar tool. Push toward leather to let end of spring bar slip out of pinhole.


Step 4 – once spring bar releases from buckle pinhole, pull buckle away from the spring bar and downward to release opp


Step 5 – Once buckle has been removed, begin to push spring bar out of strap.


Step 6 – continue pushing spring bar out of strap


Step 7- sometimes spring bar will simply fall out as you push. Other times, you will need to grab hold of it and pull it the rest of the way out of strap.


Step 8 – if buckle post does not fall out of strap, simply pull it out.


Step 9 – if silver replacement buckle is assembled, compress the spring bar to prepare for installation.

If there are no pinholes on outside of buckle, you can compress using forked end of


Step 10 – insert post from new buckle into the center notch of strap.


Step 11 – insert spring bar through strap loop and eye of the post.

Some spring bars will be snug and may require that you push them through with the aid


Step 12 – You now have the post and spring bar in place, ready to attach the buckle.


Step 13 – insert one end of the spring bar into a buckle pinhole.

While keeping one end of the spring bar securely in the buckle pinhole, position the opposite pinhole as close to the exposed spring bar as possible.



Step 14 – using the forked end of your spring bar tool, compress the spring bar so that it can slide undernea


Step 15 – carefully slide the spring bar until it aligns with the pinhole. When it doe


Step 16 – your watch band now has the silver buckle on and is ready to wear.