About The RIOS1931 Saddler's Seam

In contrast to machine sewing, the hand stitched Saddler's Seam uses only a single thread, which is drawn manually from one side to the other with two needles alternately. This creates a particularly even, precision stitch pattern. It takes approximately forty (40) minutes to produce such a seam which allows your watch band a longer service life compared to machine stitching. An exact hand seam requires all the skill of a master leather artisan and thus represents a piece of the finest craftsmanship. 




Here is an example of a RIOS1931 Saddler's Seam, shown on the inner lining of a RIOS1931 watch band for clarity. Note the uniform stitch pattern and the use of a single thread. The Saddler's seam is true work of art!











The image to the right shows a RIOS1931 watch band being stitched with a Saddler's Seam. Note the craftsman is using both hands, each holding a needle attached to the same, single thread. Over approximately 40 minutes, each strap is carefully stitched. The result is a beautiful, symmetrical stitching, that is guaranteed to exceed all expectations.