Liverpool | Distressed Vintage Leather

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Black RIOS1931 Liverpool, Vintage Leather Watch Band |

The RIOS1931 Liverpool is a vintage leather watch band. The vintage leather is hand selected with only the finest cuts being utilized to craft the Liverpool. Over time and with wear, the Liverpool will pick up unique tones as the genuine leather continues to distress, making each watch band truly unique in its vintage style. The RIOS1931 Liverpool is made by RIOS1931 in Germany and is hand stitched with a traditional Saddler's Seam - a process that takes roughly 40 minutes to complete. Each watch band includes an attached removable Screw-In Panerai-Style Buckle (Pre-v Buckle). 

Material: Genuine Vintage Leather
Strap Length: 114mm x 82mm
Seam: Creme-White Stitching, »Saddler's Seam (Hand Seam)«
Thickness of Strap: Approximately 4.0mm throughout. 
Buckle: Stainless Steel Pre-v Buckle.

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RIOS1931 is a family owned business in its third generation, manufacturing their world renowned watch bands out of Augsburg, Germany.