Lord | Genuine Crocodile | Semi-Gloss

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Black RIOS1931 Lord, Genuine Crocodile Watch Band |

The RIOS1931 Lord is crafted from the finest genuine crocodile skin. Each strap is crafted by a master craftsman at the RIOS1931 factory and undergoes a 172-step production process. The Lord has match stitching, is soft to the touch, and has a glossy finish - making it the perfect choice to pair with your dress watch. If you are looking for a high-end crocodile strap, the RIOS1931 Lord is the perfect choice.

Material: Genuine Crocodile | Glossy Finish »Art Manuel«
Strap Length: Available in (S) 104mm x 72mm, (R) 114mm x 82mm, and (XL) 116mm x 86mm
Seam: Match Stitching
Thickness of Strap: Tapering from approx. 3.5mm at the lug to 3.0mm near straps tip. 
Buckle: Attached Removable Stainless Steel Pin Buckle 


RIOS1931 is a family owned business in its third generation, manufacturing their world renowned watch bands out of Augsburg, Germany.