Welcome to The Watch Prince's New Website!

Welcome to The Watch Prince's New Website!

Posted by The Watch Prince on Apr 12th 2017

Hello Everyone,

As you may have already noticed, The Watch Prince™ has moved to a new and improved website! It is now easier than ever to browse our impressive catalog of watch straps and accessories. While the new site features many changes, The Watch Prince™ will continue to carry the same great watch straps (along with some new additions!).

What's New

Powerful Filters - Our new site features powerful search filters that allow our customers to sort through our large selection of straps quickly. Narrow down your search results by indicating material, color, brand, and/or length. Only items that match your criteria will display in the search results. When you are ready to start a new search, simply clear the filters (on the left hand side of the page). 

Item Groupings -  Another major change can be found on our item pages. On our old site, each item had its own individual item page - so one strap model offered in 5 sizes and 5 colors would have 25 separate item pages. On the new site, we have grouped strap models together, allowing our customers to view all sizes, colors, and lengths available on one page. This results in less items to sort through within out category pages, as well as ease of ordering multiple straps of the same model. 

Fully Responsive Design - Our new design is fully responsive and will adjust perfectly to the size of your screen. Whether your using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, The Watch Prince™ will load seamlessly and offer a pleasant shopping experience. 

What has Not Changed

Same Great Service - The Watch Prince™ prides itself on exceptional customer service and the individualized attention provided to each of our customers. We guarantee that this will never change and look forward to enhancing our customers experience through this new site.

Same Quality Products - As noted above, we are offering the same great products that were listed on our old website. In addition, we have, and will continue to add new products on a regular basis.

Contacting Us - Our email address, phone number, and physical address have not changed. You can reach us by phone at (914) 919-2066 or by email at . Additionally, our new site features a contact form (located on the top of the home page) that can be utilized to communicate with us!

Finally, we would like to thank you for your continued business and support. We hope you enjoy our new website and look forward to servicing your watch band needs for years to come!

-The Watch Prince™ Team