Hirsch Liberty, Vintage Leather

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Hirsch Liberty - Black

Material: This leather, with its unique, natural grain has been barrel-dyed to the fibre and vegetable tanned.

Details: Sturdy belt made from a single piece of leather. Distinct embossing line on bracelet and loops. Contrasting edges and loops hand lacquered in three layers. High quality stainless steel buckle in Hirsch classic design. Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System.


The following strap sizes taper from lug to buckle (please keep this in mind if you plan on purchasing a replacement buckle): 24x22 / 22x20 / 20x18 / 18x16 


Hirsch Warranty: This watch strap comes standard with a 12-month (1 year) warranty. 


Sizing Information for Hirsch Watch Straps 

Medium: 110 x 70 Millimeters
Long: 120x80 Millimeters
Extra-Long: 120x100 Millimeters