Hirsch Mariner, Water-Resistant Leather

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Hirsch Mariner - Black

Size: All HIRSCH Mariner Straps are Men's Standard Length (HIRSCH Long) - 120x80

Material: Saddle Leather barrel-dyed to the fibre. The velvety soft surface is coated with wax. The natural quality of the material causes the bracelet to develop its attractive patina. HIRSCH Diving-Glove Lining Leather.


  • HIRSCH 100 M Water-Resistant
  • Distinct, Rectangular Padding
  • Contrasting, Sports-Style Backstitched Seam
  • Sporty, Stainless Steel Buckle in HIRSCH Active Design 


The following strap sizes taper from lug to buckle (please keep this in mind if you plan on purchasing a replacement buckle):  18x16 / 20x18 / 22x20


Hirsch Warranty: This watch strap comes standard with a 12-month (1 year) warranty. 


Sizing Information for Hirsch Straps 

Medium: 110x70 Millimeters
Long: 120x80 Millimeters
Extra-Long: 120x100 Millimeters