Milano | Calf Leather | for Panerai

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Black RIOS1931 Milano, Genuine Calf Leather Watch Band for Panerai |

The RIOS1931 Milano is a Water Resistant, Genuine Leather Watch Band that is carefully crafted to OEM specifications for Panerai. The upper leather, intermediate layer material, and leather lining is hydro-finished to ensure water resistance. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line aftermarket watch strap for Panerai that is perfect for outdoor activities and warm climates, the RIOS1931 Milano is the perfect choice. 

Material: Genuine Leather »Water Resistant«
Strap Length: 115mm x 75mm
Seam: Creme-White Stitching
Thickness of Strap: Approximately 4.5mm throughout. 
Buckle: Attached Removable Stainless Steel Pre-v Buckle.
Technical Indication: RIOS1931 watch strap compatible with watches of the brand »Panerai«   

RIOS1931 is a family owned business in its third generation, manufacturing their world renowned watch bands out of Augsburg, Germany.