Pilot | Russian Leather | for Breitling

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Black RIOS1931 Pilot, Russian Leather Watch Band for Breitling |

The RIOS1931 Pilot is a Genuine Russian Leather Watch Band that is carefully crafted to OEM specifications for Breitling and is compatible with Breitling Style Deployant Claps and OEM Deployant Clasps. The Genuine Russian Leather is organically tanned, giving each watch band a fragrance of bees wax and tobacco. Each RIOS1931 Pilot is crafted by a master craftsman at the RIOS1931 factory and undergoes a 172-step production process. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line aftermarket watch strap for Breitling Deploy, the RIOS1931 Pilot is the perfect choice. 

Material: Genuine Russian Leather
Strap Length: 110mm x 90mm
Seam: Creme-White Stitching, »Art Manuel«
Thickness of Strap: Tapering from approx. 7.0mm at the lug to 2.5mm near straps tip. 
Buckle: Not Included | Fits Breitling Style Deploy Clasp
Technical Indication: RIOS1931 watch strap compatible with watches of the brand »Breitling«

RIOS1931 is a family owned business in its third generation, manufacturing their world renowned watch bands out of Augsburg, Germany.